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2020 - 2021   Calendar

*Students are not permitted into the parking lot during AM arrival and PM dismissal.  Parents will need to get in the drop off and pick up line that forms on the school side of Desert Shadow Trail.

*Parents dropping students off for school in the morning are asked to pull their vehicles forward to the yellow curb.  Letting your child out of the vehicle at any location other than the yellow curb puts him/her in danger. 

*At dismissal, parents are strongly encouraged to park their vehicles and walk up to the building to meet their child.  Parents who do not want to park their vehicles or who can't find a parking space are asked to pick up their child at the yellow curb only. Students being picked up by the family vehicle will be lined up along the kindergarten fence at the yellow curb and WILL NOT be permitted to enter the vehicle unless it is at the yellow curb.  Picking up or dropping off students outside the yellow curb area puts them and others in danger.  If parents choose to do so, they will be responsible for their child's safety.

*PLEASE WORK WITH US! Please remember that teachers assigned to duty in the parking lot are only responsible for keeping students safe.  This means not allowing students in the parking lot without an adult by their side and keeping them at the yellow curb for pick up. Teachers are not there to direct traffic.  However, if you are parked in the thru lane or not moving forward in the pick up line, teachers will ask you to move your vehicle.  Please do not abuse them verbally.  Teachers on duty are working to keep our students safe.  Remember...YOU are your child's role model and first teacher.  If a parent or other person abuses a staff member or is uncooperative, an administrator can restrict that person from coming on to school grounds.  If that should happen, off campus arrangements will have to be made for dropping off and picking up your child.  

Thank you!


Student Safety

Vanderburg Elementary School places a high priority on protecting the safety of our students. As the parent of a Clark County student, you are a vital part of our plans to protect your child. You can assist the school by following the steps outlined below.


  • Make sure the school has updated information regarding your child, including contact names and numbers and your child's medical history.

  • Discuss with your child the school's rules during drills for fire and other emergencies. Be sure your student understands correct procedures and that he/she takes the drills seriously.

  • Teach your child to stay with school staff and follow their directions.

  • Make sure you always bring legal identification (driver's license or passport).

  • For the safety of your child, students will not be released to anyone who is:

  1. Not listed on the enrollment form as a parent or guardian or

  2. Who is on the enrollment form but has no identification.

  • Please note that phone messages cannot be delivered to your child during the school day.

  • Students are hereby informed that they will be subject to search when they enter campus after the beginning of the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized returns. This notice does not exclude personnel, however, from searching a student at any time should there be reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.


We appreciate your efforts in doing all you can to help us protect your child in an emergency.

Email MUST include:

  • parent/guardian name

  • student name

  • teacher name

  • date(s) of absence

  • reason for absence(s)


There will NOT be any return/reply contact. It is the parents' responsibility to check Parent Portal for updated absences. Doctor notes can be added to the email as an attachment. All absent notifications must be in writing/email within (3) days of student returning. Phone calls are not accepted. Please note that a written notification ONLY explains why the child was not in class, and does not erase the absence from their school records.  

2020-2021 OFFICE HOURS

Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm











2040 Desert Shadow Trail,

Henderson, NV 89012

Phone:  (702) 799-0540

Fax:       (702) 799-0546


Ronda Reedoom, Principal


Rikki Wiercinski, Assistant Principal



Brandy Vernaci