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Battle  of  the  Books
CCSD program

Katia Cheetany
Rina Sterling
Brandy Vernaci
School Coordinators

Vanderburg Teachers/Coaches
2023-2024 Battle of the Books Committee

The Battle of the Books is a district wide program that gets students reading and competing with other 4th and 5th grade students from other schools. It begins with a committee of teachers and staff that select books appropriate for this age level. Students spend time reading 8 books and preparing for a variety of specifically detailed questions about each of the books. Students spend time meeting weekly or every other week with a selection of Vanderburg teachers to discuss the books. After the readings, the schools conduct their own competitions consisting of 2 initial rounds, a semi-finals round, followed by the finals to determine the one team of 4 to send to the district's regional competition. The regional competition information will be shared as soon as we know more.


Parent information and permission slips will be sent out in September. The new book list is found below. The first book meeting for students will be Willodeen on September 27 and October 4 at 8:15am in the library. Students should have the first half of the book read by Sept. 27 finish the second half by the Oct. 4 meeting. 

2023-2024 Book List
Battle of the Books
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