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Battle  of  the  Books
CCSD program

Katia Cheetany
Rina Sterling
Brandy Vernaci
School Coordinators

Vanderburg Teachers/Coaches
2023-2024 Battle of the Books Committee

The Battle of the Books is a district wide program that gets students reading and competing with other 4th and 5th grade students from other schools. It begins with a committee of teachers and staff that select books appropriate for this age level. Students spend time reading 8 books and preparing for a variety of specifically detailed questions about each of the books. Students spend time meeting weekly or every other week with a selection of Vanderburg teachers to discuss the books. After the readings, the schools conduct their own competitions consisting of 2 initial rounds, a semi-finals round, followed by the finals to determine the one team of 4 to send to the district's regional competition. The regional competition information will be shared as soon as we know more.


The CURRENT book is: Willodeen. The meetings for students will be on Wednesdays, January 17 and 24 at 8:15am in the library. Please remember to bring your BOOK, NOTES, and/or QUESTIONS for practicing with your peers when you come to the weekly meetings.  

2023-2024 Book List
Battle of the Books
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