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The  Vanderburg Garden 
Katia Cheetany
Club Coordinator
Garden Club Participants consist of 4th/5th Grade Students

Here at Vanderburg Elementary School, we have a school garden. The students typically spend time after school to learn about gardening. The students have the opportunity to learn about plants, soil, growing a garden, and composting. In our garden we have vegetables, flowers, herbs, and lemon trees. In the past we have planted strawberries, which make the birds quite happy. 

We also have a "Kinder"-Garden that was built by kindergarten families. These younger gardeners consist of kinder teachers and their classes along with Mrs. Chess and her preschool kiddos. They each help out to plant in the garden and keep it up. 

We have hosted an annual Salad & Salsa Night or Garden Fiesta Night in the past. The choir students perform for your listening pleasure. Tickets are sold to help out the cost of the additional proteins purchased. Parents, students, and teacher volunteers are what keep these family friendly events possible. Mrs. Cheetany is an incredible coordinator but she can't do it without your help! 

Garden Quotes

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